Accu-Speed Accurate Speedometer Calibrations 434-656-3178 or 434-944-3740 Speedometer1
including motorcycles and commercial trucks

Have you:

Recieved a speeding ticket?
Changed your wheel or tire size?
Recently purchased a used vehicle?
Borrowed a friend's car?

Let us verify your accurate speed and provide you with a notarized statement to take to court. If your speedometer is off, your ticket could be reduced to improper equipment (a non-moving violation), which will not go against your insurance or license.

With five different locations to serve you, Accu-Speed can test all makes and models of cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor-homes, and commercial transfer trucks. Our regular calibration fee is $60, including notoarized document. However, special fee reductions may apply for some months. Please call to inquire. Also, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call us at: 434-656-3178 or 434-944-3740.

Carrie Perkins - Owner
Gretna, Va.

Be safe. Click it or Ticket.

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Serving Virginia & North Carolina

Serving Virginia and North Carolina. Including Lynchburg, Danville, Bedford, Martinsville, Rocky Mount, Roanoke, Halifax, Appomattox, Greensborro, Altavista, Gretna, Chatham, Amherst, Hurt, Rustburg